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Shipping Terms and Conditions

Orders placed on are generally shipped by truck freight (common carriers) directly to the buyers home or project site. The cost is based on the state to which an order is being shipped. (See the Freight Rate Table below). All information below is based on delivery to any in the 48 continental United States. For deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, please ask for a special freight quotation.
Free Freight Requirements and Residential Delivery Fees

iFenceUSA™ will waive freight costs on orders exceeding $3,500 in fence material EXCEPT when shipped to some (not all) states west of the Mississippi River. In these western states, which are denoted in ORANGE in the Freight Rate Table below, iFenceUSA™ will waive freight costs on orders exceeding $5,000 in fence material and those denoted in RED iFenceUSA™ will waive freight costs on orders exceeding $7,000 in fence material Please note that deliveries to residential locations anywhere are always assessed a flat $50 delivery fee that is added to the freight amount on the buyers quote or order confirmation. This fee cannot be waived. In other words, for orders exceeding the minimum purchase requirements for free freight, the buyer would pay a maximum of $50 in freight if delivery is made to a residential location. All orders under the minimum purchase requirements would be assessed freight charges based on the rate table below PLUS $50 if delivery is made to a residential location.

Small Item Orders

iFenceUSA™ may ship small items via UPS, FedEx, etc. and will be assessed shipping and handling charges based on the rates of these delivery companies. These shipments are not considered freight. Therefore, items shipped in this manner will never be assessed the residential delivery surcharge which applies to truck (common carrier) freight.

Delivery Time

Ordered fencing material will usually ship, on average, about 3 weeks after payment is rendered. Some custom fabricated materials may take slightly longer depending upon the size of the order. Also, some shipping destinations may take longer due to being geographically more distant or if considered "remote" by the freight carrier, or other factors including but not limited to oversized product, special crating, or less often painted colors. Of course, we will do our best to get your order out as quickly as possible, but holidays and peak season rushes sometimes bring delays. While this is atypical and orders usually ship 3 weeks after payment (and occasionally a little longer), we do not make absolute guarantees to ship any order on any date or that your delivery will be on or before a certain date. It is strongly recommended that you do not schedule any installation dates until after you have received and inspected your aluminum fence shipment. If a delay occurs for any reason, IFenceUSA assumes no financial liability and it is expressly agreed by Buyer that any cost related to return visits by installation contractors, loss of income due to missed work, missed flights, etc. shall be the sole responsibility of Buyer.

What To Expect When Your Delivery Arrives

Most iFenceUSA™ orders delivered by a freight trucking company will arrive at the buyer's curbside. Someone must be there to accept the order and to carry the boxes off of the truck. The trucking company is not responsible for unloading the merchandise cartons from the truck, or for relocating cartons (such as into a building or garage). The truck drivers are usually helpful, and, in many cases, they will assist you with unloading your order. However, they are not required to do so. This is an industry practice beyond iFenceUSA's™ control. Typically, orders are shipped in multiple boxes on pallets wrapped in a protective plastic. This plastic may be removed and the boxes then unloaded from the pallet(s) individually.

Missed and/or Delayed Deliveries

The delivery company will generally notify you by phone to schedule a delivery date. iFenceUSA™ recommends using the most likely answered phone number for orders, such as a cell phone. Generally there is a designated window of time for the scheduled delivery. The buyer must be on-site during the entire window of time to receive delivery. iFenceUSA™ is not responsible for contacting the freight companies for rescheduling delivery or covering any additional expenses related to such process. All fees must be negotiated between Buyer and freight company and Buyer shall make payment directly to freight company for any such service. iFenceUSA shall not be the "middleman" in such instances. If a delay occurs for any reason, IFenceUSA assumes no financial liability and it is expressly agreed by Buyer that any cost related to return visits by installation contractors, loss of income due to missed work, missed flights, etc. shall be the sole responsibility of Buyer. Further, Buyer understands that all delivery companies used by iFenceUSA are independent and beyond the control of iFenceUSA. Buyer Agrees that iFenceUSA is authorized, at its sole discretion, to choose a delivery company for Buyer and that this arrangement does not alter any of the iFenceUSA shipping policy terms and conditions.

Delivery Acceptance Protocol / Damaged Material Liability

Freight carriers contracted to ship iFenceUSA™ materials are typically very careful but it is important to understand that damage may occur during shipping. It's rare, but nevertheless possible. All damage is the responsibility of the trucking company and not the manufacturer or iFenceUSA™. At time of delivery, the buyer should inspect entire contents of all cartons for any potential damage that may have occurred during shipment. Inspection should take place right away, in full view of the driver. Just because a box looks damaged, does not mean that the items inside are damaged. Boxes must be opened up to confirm any damage in front of the truck driver. Be thorough, do not allow yourself to be rushed. If it is confirmed that there is actual damage to product, REFUSE delivery and contact iFenceUSA™ immediately for a replacement order.

If a complete and thorough inspection of the contents is not possible at delivery, the buyer must accept delivery with terms, place the note ''RECEIVED SUBJECT TO FURTHER INSPECTION FOR CONCEALED DAMAGE'' on the delivery receipt. Without this, the buyer may not be able to file a proper concealed damage claim with the carrier. If the driver does not allow you to sign the delivery receipt in the manner detailed above, REFUSE delivery and call us. Deliveries that are signed free and clear of damages will be the buyer's responsibility and not that of iFenceUSA™. No exceptions.

Shipping Errors

Any errors or material shortages need to be reported within 24 hours of your delivery. If the error was the fault of the manufacturer, Buyer will not be charged additional delivery fees. If the error was the Buyer's fault, he will be responsible for cost of any additional products and appropriate delivery charges. All additional charges that are applicable will be quoted to the Buyer prior to shipment and shall be processed as a new order. In the event of a shipping error, iFenceUSA will ship replacement orders in the most economical way possible. On occasion, this may mean that material will be shipped unassembled and will require some assembly by Buyer. iFenceUSA will not "overnight" or expedite any shipment regardless of whose fault the error was. Due to weight of material, time it takes to manufacture, and other factors, there are no exceptions. If Buyer requires such expedited services and if these are possible (at sole discretion of iFenceUSA), Buyer shall be required to pay for the cost of these services.

Terms Regarding Local Codes and Ordinances

Products ordered from are not guaranteed to be code-compliant for any particular use, intended or unintended, so it is important to be aware of local codes. Buyer shall be solely liable for compliance and shall hold harmless from any lawsuits, fines, etc., arising from non-compliance. This is includes but is not limited to local government laws, zoning regulations, deed restrictions, neighborhood association guidelines, etc. There are no exceptions.

Additional Shipping Policy Notes Freight Rate Table

All the freight rates shown in this table will be paid by iFenceUSA™ for orders exceeding $3,500 in fence material EXCEPT states that are denoted in ORANGE, which qualify for free shipping on orders exceeding $5,000 in fence material, and those states that are denoted in RED, which qualify for free shipping on orders exceeding $7,000 in fence material. Additionally, shipping costs for special orders, cantilever gates, oversized or custom orders, and any shipment to Alaska or Hawaii are not listed and will be quoted before purchase. All residential deliveries will carry the additional $50 residential delivery surcharge regardless of the total order amount or the destination state.
Arkansas405.00New Hampshire443.00
California626.00New Jersey436.00
Colorado505.00New Mexico609.00
Connecticut371.00New York415.00
Delaware350.00North Carolina381.00
Florida598.00North Dakota702.00
Indiana291.00Rhode Island429.00
Iowa329.00South Carolina457.00
Kentucky310.00South Dakota636.00
Mississippi448.00West Virginia318.00

States denoted in RED and ORANGE have higher minimum purchase requirements to qualify for free freight.

"Finished the project and [then] had a party. Everyone loved the fence (aesthetics and quality) and I received a lot of compliments from guests. Thank you for providing excellent service and assistance the entire way through. I will be a repeat customer and I recommend iFenceUSA to everyone I know who is looking for a fence. Please pass this along to your superiors. I have never had service this good, and I'm pretty particular about everything. Also, the fence was packaged very well and easy to install and modify [for panel width]. Thanks again."

Shane Reynolds
Mulberry, FL