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Aluminum Fences | Important Factors That Make Us Better

An Integrity™ fence is simply a better designed product, a better made product, a better looking product and a more versatile product. And we're very eager to tell you about the important factors that make us better.
iFenceUSA Aluminum Fence Products Are Thirty-Three Percent Heavier and Stronger Than Other DIY Suppliers
Our aluminum fences are heavier and stronger

  • Our posts are 33% thicker! (Typical DIY suppliers sell thin-walled .060'' posts while we supply .080'' and an even beefier .125'' for the gate posts )
  • Our panels are tested strong
  • SmartRail™, our horizontal rail is structurally superior

Aluminum Gates Being Welded Together To The Size Of Customers Request
Gates are welded-tough and sized to your specs

  • Get your gate in the exact size you need
  • Get your gate to fit between existing posts or pillars
  • Make your gate wide enough to span an existing sidewalk
  • Get a stylish arch feature on any gate
  • Any style of fence can be made into a Driveway Gate

Attractive and Durable Aluminum Handrailing
Our Aluminum fences are simply better looking

  • Our SmartRail™ is not only stronger but more attractive
  • Our ImPress Point™ spears have enhanced details
  • Our fence designs are innovative and stylish

Factory Direct Aluminum Fence Manufacturer
Orders leave the factory within 2 weeks!

  • We ship 97% of all orders within 2 weeks
  • Your fence is made-to-order when you order
  • Our fences are made in America, not pre-manufactured in China

Napa Valley Style Aluminum Fence Panels Ordered In 7' Wide Sections
Panels can be ordered in a variety of widths

  • Panels are available 5', 6', or 7' wide
  • Save money buying only what you really need
  • Avoid unattractive small "patch" panels

Lifetime Warranty Against Cracking, Chipping, and Peeling
Our LifeCoat™ finish has a lifetime warranty

  • AAMA-2604 compliant superior powder coating
  • Lifetime warranty against cracking, chipping, or peeling
  • Our paint is tested for better UV performance
  • We have 9 colors to choose from
  • We don't charge extra for gorgeous matte finishes

Mission Point Style Aluminum Fencing With Excelsior Finials
Fences without Limits™ is more than a slogan

  • Our Puppy Picket™ panels contain small dogs
  • We don't charge extra for special panels needed for steep hills (called "rackable" panels)
  • We can cost-effectively customize height for special circumstances such as a fence atop a wall
  • We can match rail positions with an existing fence

Detailed Online Fence Quote Form
Our quotes are detailed, honest and informative

  • We specify what you will get for the price quoted
  • We endeavor to make helpful suggestions
  • We list options you may have overlooked
  • Gate hardware is always included so there are no surprises later

Fed Ex Carrier Delivering Aluminum Fence Samples
We send out FREE samples!

  • We want you to see what you will be buying
  • We know you'll notice the quality difference
  • We help you decide between colors
  • We also want to send you a brochure!

Excelsior Aluminum Fence Finials In Gold Finish
We follow the Golden Rule!

  • We genuinely care about you and your project!
  • We will go the extra mile to help you succeed!
  • We're always here to answer questions, even on weekends!

"A referral is the highest compliment one can pay to any professional. I am going to give your name and number to my friend. Warmest Regards,"

Anthony Como
Hicksville, NY